about the band

Leap The Dips is the twisted step-child of Deafened By Love, who were voted one of the top ten bands in the Berkshires, and shortly thereafter crashed and burned… only to be reborn as a leaner, meaner indie rock trio with an eclectic style born out of an aesthetic that’s never boring, because each song tells its own tale in the style the story demands. Having performed all over the Northeast in noted venues from the Bitter End in New York City to Chameleons in Pittsfield MA, Leap The Dips is John Prusinski (guitar/vocals), Scott Marks (bass/vocals), and Dave Serafini (drums).

Leap the Dips
Flip the Script
Don’t even try to give me no lip
Not a Blood or a Crip
Not a fish or a chip
Leave the ster off the hip
and Leap the Dips.